Silver Arowana

Silver Arowana

silver arowana

Osteoglossum bicirrhosum

They have teeth on their tongue that comprise the bite they have for their food

75 to 82 degrees F

can live 10-20 years in captivity

Silver Arowanas may reach upwards of 4 feet

They can get up to a little over ten pounds in weight

They require good water condition to flourish

Their body are covered in very big, strong, and bony scales, and at the lower jaw, 2 barbels

The growth rate in the Silver Arowana is about two inches (5cm) a month during their first year

The size tank required depends on the size of your Arowana but should as a rule be at least twice and preferable more than 3 times the length of the fish

Make sure the top of your tank is well secured, Silver Arowana are Jumpers, and may wind up dead on the floor otherwise

They will usually eat things such as frozen raw shrimp, squid, scallops, and fish fillets. They will also accept a number of live foods such as, smaller fish, plankton, crickets, bloodworms, other insects, and mosquito larvae

Decorated the aquarium so that a lot of open space is created to allow your Silver Arowana fish space where they can swim freely