Emperor Scorpions

emperor scorpions

Emperor Scorpions

these scorpions will grow 4-8 inches in length.

In the wild they will feed at night on roaches, grasshoppers, frogs, and lizards.

In captivity they will feed on crickets.

You will need to have 75-85% humidity.

Our recomendation is 2 gallon minimum per scorpion per tank.

Constant temp 80-85 degrees.

Emperor scorpions have poor eye sight.

Scorpiona have a life span of 8 years.

Emperor Scorpion burrows into the soil and can be found under rocks.

Body hairs are used to detect air and ground vibrations.

Emperor Scorpion bears their young live.

Female scorpions will carry their young on their back.

Emperor Scorpions are unusually social compared to other scorpions.